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Champagne Ridge Resort is a pioneering concept in Kenya. It is not simply a place to stay outside of Kenya's bustling cities, but is also a place to enhance the human experiences by promoting wellness, relaxation and good health through Spa facilities and a wide range of outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, horse riding and nature walks.

Situated no more than one and a half hours drive from Nairobi, Champagne Ridge Resort is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway and is also children friendly with no vehicles permitted to roam within the development apart from the Resort golf carts.

Could there be a better escape from the humdrum of urban life?

Our properties are arranged into 4 categories, depending on their size, facilities, features & finish. Each type is unique to its location within the estate, but all serving one purpose - to provide a sublime union of luxury living, scenic nature and wellness to our guests.

Discover Champagne Ridge's beautifully serene holiday rentals below:

Angani Edge Villas

Madini Cliff Villas

Mwali Ridge Villas

Ziwa Lake Villas

The Estate

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