A wellness villa estate.

To harmonise with the surrounding scenery and to enter into the spirit of the landscape, the estate brings you the pinnacle of architecture and the seed to create beautiful spaces.

With between 55-60 villas spread over 50 acres and nestled amidst picturesque landscape features, Champagne Ridge brings together a symphony of community, environment and lifestyle. With a sense of exclusivity and serenity, each villa has its own character primarily determined by its location. The villas are designed to fit into its surroundings, with the architecture and landscapes focusing on the conservation and enhancement of the existing environment, rather than becoming an imposition on it. Principles of the Wellness Building Institute are incorporated into the estate design, including clean indoor air, natural lighting, amenities encouraging physical activity, as well as wellness programmes.

As the villas are part of a managed community, the ability to provide safety, security, sustainability and innovative design is greatly enhanced. The lake feature brings added beauty as well as functionality by creating a reservoir for irrigation. Across the estate are tracks suitable for walking, jogging and other forms of exercise. Even the children can enjoy playing in a natural environment. To further magnify a sense of peace and quiet, the network of tracks will be served by buggies to minimise vehicular traffic within the resort. Placed within the landscapes will be areas designed to encourage social interaction to knit a communal fabric and sense of community.

We have additional plans to create organic farms around the estate, to ensure that farm fresh food is available to the estate restaurant and the villas. Herbs will be planted in gardens across the property, with other facilities located just off the main site.

"In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous. This development too, is meant to be a child of the Earth and Sun, just like all of nature."

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