In day to day living, sometimes we forget all that nature has to offer.

In the city it is not so easy to breathe the fresh air or hear the sounds of rustling leaves, yet there is nothing so invigorating as nature itself. Just 30 km south of Nairobi, off Magadi Road, lies the site for an intimate getaway created with the desire to provide a wellness lifestyle investment, enveloped in nature.

This is a pioneering development in the region, it is East Africa's first wellness facility. Situated no more than 90 minutes from Nairobi, it is a perfect weekend getaway with a lovely climate all year round. The development is designed to encourage a peaceful, quiet environment for relaxation and rejuvenation for the whole family. Discover a personal space where views kiss the horizon over the majestic Great Rift Valley, in a place where the ownership privilege is the irreplaceable, invaluable dividend of good health.

On Earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.

A quiet place to call your own, to live and breathe fresh air in luxury, managed on your behalf to allow you to experience a healthier lifestyle.

It is our intention to create dream villas that are easy to acquire and operate for those who have little time to acquire a plot, design, build and then maintain for perpetuity. In this case, we build and manage the villa for you, offering services such as maintenance, turn-down service, concierge, etc. We aim to offer you a truly luxurious holiday home experience.

In addition, the home can be let out as a whole or in part, for non-owner holiday use or when conferences are held. That way owners can earn a yield when they do want to use the villa.

The Estate

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